Partner Schools

The BISON Children’s Scholarship Fund supports students at over 80 elementary and high schools throughout the eight counties of Western New York. Our partner schools play a critical role in BISON’s success. We could not advance our mission without them and it is a privilege to support their incredible work! Together, we strive to make quality education accessible to children, regardless of a families’ income or zip code.

BISON’s goal is to ensure that every K-8 student in Western New York receives a high-quality education. The BISON Fund has no particular school, religious or political affiliation and the parents of our students choose the private school that best meets their child’s needs. We believe parents are the best judge in what educational environment is best for their children.

How BISON works

BISON partner schools play a critical role in BISON’s success and serve as BISON’s biggest ambassadors. They help with administrative processes, spreading the word about our program to potential BISON families, and retaining current BISON families.

Scholarship payments are distributed directly to each participating school twice per year—once in November and once in March. Each payment is a percentage of each BISON student’s scholarship for the year.

Is my school eligible?

Any nonpublic elementary and high school within the eight counties of Western New York that obtains incorporation, verifies that they are located in a safe, educationally appropriate environment, and has their local public school district certify that they are educationally equivalent to a public school is eligible to participate in the BISON program.

Participating School Policies & Requirements

To be a participating school, you must also agree to meet our minimum standards and assist the BISON program in the following ways:

  • BISON Fund staff must be allowed to visit the school, meet the school administrators and the BISON children enrolled in the school, review the curriculum, and observe a class in session, if requested.
  • Demonstrate fiscal and ethical responsibility of accurate management of BISON Fund scholarships.
  • Must support students in a safe, healthy and nurturing environment.
  • Complete School Commitment Forms (SCFs) and Exit Confirmation Forms (ECFs) for all applicable students. SCFs are required for any BISON student who attends your school, and must be completed yearly. ECFs are required for any BISON student who chooses to leave your school.
  • Coordinate scholarship verification procedures twice per year. Before disbursing each scholarship payment, participating schools must complete verification process, which involves confirming each BISON student’s continued adherence to program requirements. This must be completed by the deadline if payment is to be disbursed.
  • School personnel must agree to assist BISON Fund in keeping accurate records of BISON student data and records in order to help BISON evaluate the success of our program. Data requests include providing school enrollment and capacity information, administering and collecting parent surveys, and/or providing names of CSF families who would be interested in being interviewed.

BISON Children’s Scholarship Fund Partner Schools

City of Buffalo

Buffalo Academy of Scholars 434 Delaware Avenue Buffalo, NY 14202
(716) 464-3491
Fax: (716) 551-0269
Independent; Grades 4-12; Co-Ed
Catholic Academy of West Buffalo   1069 Delaware Avenue,  Buffalo, NY 14209
(716) 885-6111
Fax (716) 885-6472
Roman Catholic; Grades K-8;  Co-Ed
Elmwood Franklin School 104 New Amsterdam Avenue,  Buffalo, NY 14216
(716) 877-5035
Fax: (716) 877-9680
Indep., Non-denominational; Grades K-8; Co-Ed
Nardin Academy Elementary 135 Cleveland Avenue,  Buffalo, NY  14222
(716) 881-6262
Fax: (716) 881-4190
Roman Catholic; Grades K-8; Co-Ed
Nativity Miguel Middle School 21 Davidson Street,  Buffalo, NY 14215
(716) 836-5188, Fax: (716) 836-5189
Roman Catholic; Grades 5-8; Boys Only & Girls Only Programs
Nichols School 1250 Amherst Street,  Buffalo, NY   14216
(716) 332-6325
Independent, Non-denominational;  5-8;  Co-Ed
Notre Dame Academy 1125 Abbot Road,  Buffalo, NY 14220
(716) 824-0726
Roman Catholic K-8; Co-Ed
Our Lady of Black Rock 16 Peter Street,  Buffalo, NY  14207
(716) 873-7497
Roman Catholic; Grades K-8; Co-Ed
Rainbow K 433 Franklin Street,  Buffalo, NY  14202
(716) 854-5198
Fax: (716) 884-0177
Roman Catholic; Grades K-1; Co-Ed
Saints Tabernacle School of Excellence 1301 Genesee Street,  Buffalo, NY 14211
(716) 892-8669
Christian; 2-12; Co-Ed
St. Joseph University School 3275 Main Street,  Buffalo, NY  14214
(716) 835-7395
Fax: (716) 833-7339
Roman Catholic; Grades K-8; Co-Ed
St. Mark School 399 Woodward Avenue, Buffalo, NY  14214
(716) 836-1191
Fax: (716) 836-0391
Roman Catholic; Grades K-8; Co-Ed
The Universal School 1957 Genesee Street,  Buffalo, NY   14211
(716) 689-6050  
Islamic;  Grades K-8; Co-Ed


Al-Rasheed Academy 109 Ridge Road Lackawanna, NY 14218
(716) 822-0440
Islamic; Grades K-5;  Co-Ed
Our Lady of Victory School 2760 South Park Avenue, Lackawanna, NY  14218
(716) 828-9434
Fax: (716) 828-9429
Roman Catholic; Grades K-8; Co-Ed
Southtowns Catholic School 2052 Lakeview Road,  Lakeview, NY  14085
(716) 627-5011
Roman Catholic;  Grades K-8;  Co-Ed
St. Aloysius Regional School 186 Franklin Street,  Springville, NY 14141
(716) 592-7002
Roman Catholic; Grades K-8; Co-Ed
SS Peter & Paul School 68 East Main Street,  Hamburg, NY  14075
(716) 649-7030
Roman Catholic;  Grades K-8; Co-Ed

Kenmore/Tonawanda/Northtowns & Grand Island

New Life Christian School 80 Luksin Drive, Tonawanda, NY  14150
(716) 694-0071
Fax: (716) 694-6307
Christian (no specific denom.); Grades K-6; Co-Ed
Rivendell Study Center (716) 909-1958
Christian; Homeschool; Grades 1 – 12; Co-Ed
St. Amelia School  2999 Eggert Road,  Tonawanda, NY  14150
(716) 836-2230
Fax: (716) 832-9700
Roman Catholic; Grades K-8; Co-Ed
St. Andrew’s Country Day School 1545 Sheridan Drive,  , Kenmore, NY  14217
(716) 877-0422
Fax: (716) 877-3973
Roman Catholic; Grades K-8; Co-Ed
St. Christopher School 2660 Niagara Falls Blvd,  Tonawanda, NY  14150
(716) 693-5604
Fax: (716) 693-5639
Roman Catholic; Grades K-8; Co-Ed
St. John the Baptist School 1085 Englewood Avenue,  Buffalo, NY  14223
(716) 877-6401
Fax: (716) 877-9139
Roman Catholic; Grades K-8; Co-Ed
St. Stephen’s School 2080 Baseline Road,  Grand Island, NY  14072
(716) 773-4347
Roman Catholic; Grades K-8;  Co-Ed


Buffalo Suburban Christian Academy 5580 Genesee Street,  Buffalo, NY  14086
(716) 651-0167
Seventh-Day Adventist; Grades K-8; Co-Ed
New Creation Fellowship Academy 3325 Genesee Street,  Cheektowaga, NY 14225
(716) 632-6084
Christian; K-8; Co-Ed
Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament 20 French Road,  Depew, NY  14043
(716) 685-2544  Fax: (716) 685-9103
Roman Catholic; Grades K-8; Co-Ed
St. John the Baptist School 2028 Sandridge Road,  Alden, NY 14004
(716) 937-9483
Roman Catholic; Grades K-8; Co-Ed
St. Mary’s Elementary School 2 St. Mary’s Hill,  Lancaster, NY  14086
(716) 683-2112  
Roman Catholic;  Grades K-8; Co-Ed


Amherst Christian Academy 2625 Tonawanda Creek Road,  Amherst, NY 14228
(716) 689-9944
(716) 564-0075
Christian School; K-8; Co-Ed
Christian Central Academy 39 Academy Street,   Williamsville, NY 14221
(716) 634-4821
Inter-denominational Christian; K-8; Co-Ed
Christ the King School 2 Lamarck Drive,  Snyder, NY  14226
(716) 839-0473
Fax: (716) 370-0364
Roman Catholic; Grades K-8; Co-Ed
Jewish Heritage Day School 411 John James Audubon Pkwy,  Amherst, NY  14068
(716) 568-0226
Fax: (716) 568-0226
Jewish; Grades K-8; Co-Ed
Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary 8550 Main Street,  Williamsville, NY 14221
(716) 633-7441
Roman Catholic; Grades K-8; Co-Ed
SS Peter & Paul School 5480 Main Street,  Williamsville, NY  14221
(716) 632-6146
Fax: (716) 626-0971
Roman Catholic; Grades K-8; Co-Ed
St. Benedict School 3980 Main Street,  Amherst, NY  14226
(716) 835-2518
Fax: (716) 834-4932
Roman Catholic; Grades K-8; Co-Ed
St. Gregory the Great 250 St. Gregory Court,  Williamsville, NY 14221
(716) 688-5323
Roman Catholic; Grades K-8; Co-Ed
St. Mary’s of Swormsville 6919 Transit Road,  East Amherst, NY  14051
(716) 689-8424
Roman Catholic; Grades K-8; Co-Ed
The Park School  4625 Harlem Road  Snyder,  NY 14226
(716) 839-1242
Independent, non-denominational; Grades K-8; Co-Ed

West Seneca/Orchard Park & South/East Aurora

Aurora Waldorf School 525 West Falls,  West Falls, NY  14170
(716) 655-2029
Fax: (716) 655-3265
Independent; Grades K-8; Co-Ed
Center Road Christian Academy 412 Center Road,  West Seneca, NY  14224
(716) 675-6545
Fax: (716) 675-6631
Christian (no specific denom.); Grades K-8; Co-Ed
Immaculate Conception School 510 Oakwood Avenue,  East Aurora, NY 14052
(716) 652-5855 Roman Catholic;
Grades K-8; Cod-Ed
Mandala School 738 Main Street
East Aurora, NY 14052
(716) 374-0678
Independent; Grades 5-8
Nativity of Our Lord School S-4414 South Buffalo Street,  Orchard Park, NY  14127
(716) 662-7572
Roman Catholic; Grades K-8;  Co-Ed
Queen of Heaven School 839 Mill Road,  West Seneca, NY  14224
(716) 674-5206
Roman Catholic;  Grades K-8; Co-Ed
St. John Vianney School 2950 Southwestern Blvd,  Orchard Park, NY 14127
(716) 674-9232
Roman Catholic;  Grades K-8; Co-Ed
Sprouting Minds Montessori School 1276 Mill Road East Aurora, NY 14052
Montessori; Grade PK – 6, Co-Ed
Trinity Christian School 146 Reserve Road,  West Seneca, NY  14224
(716) 674-5353
Fax: (716) 674-4910
Lutheran Church; Grades PK-8; Co-Ed
West Seneca Christian School 511 Union Rd,  West Seneca, NY  14224
(716) 674-1820 
Fax: (716) 674-4894
Christian (no specific denom.); Grades K-8; Co-Ed
Immaculate Conception School 24 Maple Ave,  Wellsville, NY 14895
(585) 593-5840
Roman Catholic K-8; Co-Ed
Southern Tier Catholic School 208 North 24th Street, Olean, NY 14760
(716) 372-2891
Roman Catholic K-8 Co-Ed
Bethel Baptist Christian Academy 200 Hunt Road, Jamestown, NY 14701
(716) 474-7420
Baptist school K-12; Co-Ed
Northern Chautauqua Catholic School 336 Washington Avenue,  Dunkirk, NY 14048
(716) 366-0630
Roman Cathoilc K-8 Co-Ed
St. Joseph School 2 Summit Street,  Batavia, NY 14020
(585) 343-6154
Roman Catholic Grades K-8; Co-Ed
St. Paul Lutheran School 31 Washington Avenue, Batavia, NY 14020
(585) 343-0488
Lutheran; Grades preK- 6; Co-Ed
Catholic Academy of Niagara Falls 1055 N. Military Road,  Niagara Falls, NY 14304
(716) 283-1455
Roman Catholic Grades K-5; Co-Ed
Christ the King Preparatory Academy 704 91st Street Niagara Falls, NY 14304
(716) 553-6318
Christian; Grades Pre-K – 12; Co-Ed
Christian Academy of WNY 789 Gilmore Avenue, North Tonawanda, NY   14120
(716) 433-1652
Christian; Grades K-12;  Co-Ed
DeSales Catholic School 6914Chestnut Ridge Road,  Lockport, NY 14094
(716) 433-6422
Roman Catholic Grades K-8; Co-Ed
Holy Ghost Lutheran School 6630 Luther Street,  Niagara Falls, NY 14304
Lutheran; Grades K-8; Co-Ed
Sacred Heart Villa School 5269 Lewiston Road,  Lewiston, NY 14092
(716) 284-8273
Roman Catholic; Grades K-5; Co-Ed
St. John Lutheran School 6950 Ward Road,  North Tonawanda, NY  14120
(716) 693-9677
Lutheran; Grades K-8; Co-Ed
St. Peter Ev. Lutheran School 4169 Church Road,  Lockport, NY  14094
(716) 433-9013
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America; Grades preK-K; Co-Ed
St. Peter’s Lutheran School 6168 Walmore Road, Sanborn, NY 14132
(716) 731-4422, Fax: (716) 731-1439
Lutheran; Grades Pre-K -8th; Co-Ed
St. Peter R. C. School
140 North Sixth Street,  Lewiston, NY 14092
(716) 754-4470
Roman Catholic  Grades K-8; Co-Ed
Stella Niagara Education Park 4421 Lower River Road,  Stella Niagara, NY 14144
(716) 754-4311
Roman Catholic Grades K-8; Co-Ed