Our Impact
BISON Scholarships change thousands of lives.

BISON works! Thousands of students have access to quality education with BISON scholarships.

Private schools in WNY have thousands of empty seats, and with your help we can fill those seats now with qualified students who want a quality education. BISON is the solution for thousands of low-income families who want a better education for their children but can’t afford it.

Supporting BISON is a great investment – perhaps the best investment we can make in our community. Educated communities are healthier, more productive, and more stable. Buffalo’s future is dependent on our area’s young people. For this reason, we believe BISON’s mission is as important as ever.

Our Challenges
Our Solutions

Every BISON scholar attends a private school, which have relied heavily on character formation and the teaching of moral values to develop each child as a whole person.

Our BISON graduates are not only developing skills that will prepare them to be competitive in the global economy, they are also developing critical character traits that will help them persevere through difficult circumstances and become responsible citizens who will be good employees and wage earners.

Outcomes our community can be proud of.

BISON conducts annual surveys to measure the success and satisfaction of our current students. BISON’s 8th grade class of 2020 results earned over $450,000 in high school scholarship dollars to our area’s private high schools.

Our alumni surveys help measure the success of BISON graduates beyond 8th grade.  BISON’s 8th grade graduating class of 2016 and high school class of 2020 results:

High School Class of 2020
Success Stories

Our Scholars' Inspiring Journeys

Believe in broadening educational opportunities? Join us in making a lasting impact on WNY.

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